Assignment: Final Deliverables for 3D Printing



Description about the tasks, environment, and personas (updated)

–   Print ingredients for Kimbap
–   Print Korean letters for Kimbap

–   Classroom


Highlight 5 important variables relating to their interest in 3D printing
Two personas (#1 and #2) from this list appeared in the video.

1. Moon-Hee Kim (main teacher)

main teacher

  • 5 years teaching experience at Korean school
  • Works as a part time employee at a company and teaches Korean school on Saturday
  • Wants to use more hands-on materials or replicas in class such as plastic Korean letter pieces, miniature, etc. However, due to a lack of budget and time to prepare, she mostly relies on handouts or paper versions of instructional materials for students
  • Many times, gets teaching ideas through her 9 year old daughter
  • Familiar with technology and searches a lot of resources from the Internet

2. Sieun Kim (student)


  • 9 year-old female student who has been attending the Korean school for 4 years
  • Enjoys learning Korean language and culture at school
  • Likes role play in class
  • Tends to finish tasks quickly and likes to help peers
  • Familiar with using her parents’ iPhone

3. Hyun-Mi Choi (folding paper teacher)

folding paper teacher

  • 15 years folding paper (origami) teaching experiences
  • Recently started running her homepage but is not good at managing it. She uses her homepages mostly by uploading pictures and adding messages.
  • Currently teaches preK-Kindergarten class at a Korean school, tutors kids, teaches seniors, and works for the Korean folding paper association
  • Also uses other materials in her folding paper class, such as beads, ribbons, frames, etc.
  • Always tries to teach Korean language and culture through her class, such as shapes in Korean and background of what students will make, etc.

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