Assignment: Storyboard

Storyboard #1 (initial sketch)

storyboard #1

Storyboard #2 (updated sketch)

storyboard #2

Storyboard #3 (with photos)

storyboard with photos

In my storyboard, I added a Korean teacher and two kindergarten students who are learning how to make Kimbob which students can learn Korean culture and language. I tried to closeup (CU)  the objects what the students are learning over their shoulders (OTS).

A reviewer understood what the scenario is, but she wondered why I was trying to make this storyboard because she didn’t see any particular use of a 3-D printer. Even though I explained that the objects will be printed by a 3-D printer and that the students will play with them instead of making real food. The teacher can easily prepare the teaching materials. However, the reviewer thought students could use clay or toys for this instruction. She also addressed that what’s the importance in using a 3-D printer.

After getting this critique, I immediately revised my storyboard instead of getting another reviewer, because there is no indication of the 3D printer in my storyboard and it makes other people have the same issues.  With the storyboard #2, I asked three people to look at the storyboard if they understand what the scenario is, if the story makes sense, if there are anything confused, and if there is too much details or little. However, three of them responded in a same way. They said that the storyboard looks good and that they understand the flow of the story. They just wondered if this is for teaching Korean culture or Korean language. They just mentioned that it might be good for an instruction making Pizza or Bibimbob – another Korean food mixing vegetables with steamed rice.

I wanted to show this revised storyboard to the first reviewer, but I couldn’t have a chance to do it. Since the other reviewers didn’t give critiques to make changes to the revised storyboard, I just use this as a final version.


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